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A Healthy Heart

A cup of soy nuts contains 20 grams of fat, but only 2.9 grams cholesterol-raising saturated fats. The rest

comes from unsaturated fats, which can lower your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk for heart

disease when you choose them instead of saturated fats.


Essential Vitamins and Minerals

A cup of soy nuts provides 130 milligrams calcium, or 13 percent of the daily value. Individuals who

do not eat dairy products can use soy nuts to increase their intake of calcium, a necessary mineral for

building and maintaining strong bones. A cup of soy nuts provides 3.7 milligrams iron, or 20 percent

of the daily value for iron. Soy nuts are also an excellent source of potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure, and folate

Calories and Sodium

Soy nuts are naturally nearly sodium-free, with only 2 milligrams per cup. While to many calories can lead to weight problems, each cup of soy nuts contains only 419 calories.

Protein Rich

One of the biggest health benefits of soy nuts is the fact that they are rich in protein, which makes them

a great food to snack on.

Soybeans:  The bioactive ingredients in Soy Protein products suppress the formation of  blood vessels that feed cancer cells.  Soy helps stabilize hormone levels in  women, as well as reduce
the risk of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and ovarian, breast, colon and prostate cancer.                                             Source: The United Soybean Board 
There is no food source on this planet with more definitive and profound health benefits than soy! 
DRY ROASTED SOYNUTS are the #1 source for Soy Protein amongst all Soyfoods!! 
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