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Award Winning Nature’s Select® Brand DRY ROASTED SOYNUTS continues to be the market leader for 30 years running.


There is no food source on this planet with more definitive and profound health benefits than Soy!

  • The Nation’s largest manufacturer of Shelf Stable, All Natural, Non GMO Protein Packed Dry Roasted Soynuts.

  • The only company to use our Proprietary Dry-Roasting technique that does not use any added oils.

  • Committed to providing Delicious, Healthy Protein snacks with simple ingredients with a Conviction of Excellence in Quality and Service for our customers.

Green Orchard

Who is Love Your Health Foods?

Nature’s Select® Brand DRY ROASTED SOYNUTS are the #1 source for Plant-based Protein amongst all Soyfoods! 



USA Conventional Non-GMO

Certified Organic Dry Roasted Soynuts

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