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For wherever life takes you! A spectacular mixture of natural dry roasted soy nuts mixed with pumpkin seeds & sweet 'n juicy cranberries. Lightly sea salted, dark chocolate covered, and honey roasted and more blended together to create a protein packed snack that tantalizes your taste buds!

We're committed to freshness, superior quality, taste excellence and the well being of all.

Having only 120 calories, 7g of fat per serving, low sodium, no cholesterol, ∅ trans fats and a terrific taste, Love Your Health snacks is the way to go if you’re looking for a healthy, tasty snack!
Using a unique technique to roast certified organic soy nuts Nature's Select® is able to maintain a stable shelf life upwards of 12 months. 

Love Your Health™ SoyMix contains:

☑ Lightly Sea Salted Soy Nuts
☑ Dark Chocolate Covered Soynuts
☑ Honey Toasted Soynuts
☑ American Grown Pumpkin Seeds
☑ Sweet n' Juicy Cranberries

Love Your Health Snacks are a crunchy and nutritious soy snack mix that rivals traditional snack mixes in overall taste and appeal.But more than that it is packed full of protein and nutrients that restore items that are lost during strenuous exercise or sports competition. What comes out must be replaced... Allow us to replenish what was lost.

Because we Love Your Health!


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